Unfortunately, your preteen doesn’t come with an instruction manual. 

Fortunately, there is a way to get research-based information about what works to keep them on the right track for success.

The Partnerships for Student Success Project is pleased to bring you: Empowering Families to Grow Together


Developed with the latest parenting research, this series includes four self-paced modules, with follow-up support from a trained family coach who will be there to discuss what you are learning and answer your questions along the way.  

Each of the four modules are designed to build on one another and are divided into sections that allow you to fit them into your busy schedule. You’ll get ideas for how you can implement proven strategies, all the while learning more about each other and growing together as a family!


The series includes four information-packed modules focus on real-world issues that are common among preteens:


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Module 1 – Helping Your Preteen Become Their Best

In this module, you’ll review the many, intense changes that happen during the preteen years and how these changes influence their behavior and what is important to them. You’ll also consider their needs and what’s important to them, as well as your own vision of what you want for your preteen and your family. Then, you’ll move on to the basics of good communication and strategies that have been shown to work.


Module 2 – A Time for Risks and Opportunities

Because your preteen has a greater need for spending time with peers, they are introduced to many outside influences that can make for a challenging time. In this module, you’ll learn about substance abuse trends and how media can influence your preteen. You’ll look at your own family values and how they, along with the vision you created in module 1, can be used in setting clear expectations for your preteen. You’ll find out best practices for sharing expectations with your preteen and how monitoring can be used to adjust your expectations so that your preteen learns from their choices.


Module 3 – Understanding How Parents Matter

After understanding all the things that can influence your preteen in Module 2, it can be easy to feel like you are fighting an uphill battle. The good news is that every interaction you have with your preteen can strengthen your relationship and the odds that your preteen will try harder to meet your expectations and come to you when they need help. In this module, you’ll see how parents can make a difference using strategies like modeling the behavior they want to see in their child. You’ll also see some scenarios for handling real life situations that can help set your preteen up to make healthy choices.


Module 4 – Preparing to Face Challenges & Moving Forward

Module 4 focuses more on you, as the parent, and what you can do to face challenges that will inevitably come up that. You’ll look at strategies for self-care and handling many of the emotions that can surface when things don’t go as planned, as well as strategies for handling challenging situations with your preteen. You’ll also learn how to recognize when you need additional help and how to seek it. Then, you’ll review what was learned in the series, and how you can keep the momentum going with your family.

Here's what one parent had to say:

“I felt like I was stumbling around trying different advice about parenting from different sources, not knowing which sources were really credible. I discovered some techniques that seemed to work through trial and error, but as my children got older and things changed, I sometimes just didn’t know where to go or how to start.  It was reassuring to know that the Empowering Families to Grow Together series is based on the latest parenting research.  And the information is presented in a clear, common-sense way that was easy to follow and put into practice.  Empowering Families to Grow Together can be a great resource for any preteen’s parent, whether you just want to review or are wondering how to get started.”


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