Mental Health & Addictions

Substance Abuse & Addictions

Act Day Treatment Program (Program of Young House Family Services)

(319) 752-8095

4717 Sullivan Slough Road Burlington, IA 52601 


Serves adolescents and their families in which social, behavioral & emotional problems are putting the family at risk. Serves delinquents & high at-risk adolescents.

Addicts Victorious

(319) 524-1090

Evangelical Free Church
2315 S. 7th St
Keokuk, IA  52632

Faith-based support group program to address various addictions and problem thinking.

Alcohol Addiction- Iowa Department of Public Health

(855) 581-8111


24/7 support for individuals concerned with a personal drinking problem or someone they know.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Various Meeting Locations


Support groups for individuals seeking sobriety and support in their efforts. Many meeting times and places are available to fit nearly any schedule. To find meeting places and times for AA groups close to you, you can visit the AA website.

Drug Addiction- Iowa Department of Public Health

(855) 581-8111


24/7 support for individuals struggling with the use of drugs, those worried for a friend or loved one, or simply in need of emotional support.

Gambling Addiction- Iowa Department of Public Health

(800) 238-7633


24/7 support for individuals concerned with a personal gambling problem or of someone they know.

Iowa Drug & Alcohol Help Line

(866) 242-4111


First call in Iowa for substance abuse and gambling information, and referrals to treatment facilities and crisis counseling.

Iowa Narcotics Anonymous

(800) 897-6242

Various Meeting Locations


Meetings for recovering addicts to help each other stay clean. NA is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs, with the only requirement for membership being a desire to stop using. Multiple meeting locations and times available in Lee County.

Crisis intervention & suicide

Boys Town of Iowa

(712) 262-5035

(800) 448-3000

35 W 1st St.
Spencer, IA 51301


Free resource and counseling service 24/7, year-round, and nationwide.

Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting

(800) 362-2178


Child Abuse Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be ready to provide identifying information and the whereabouts of the child. You may remain anonymous.

Children & Families of Iowa Local Crisis Hotline

(515) 243-6147


24/7 hotline providing domestic violence services including safe shelter, medical and legal advocacy, consultations, and training and counseling.

Iowa Concern

(800) 447-1985


Legal education, stress counselors, and information and referral servicer for a wide variety of topics related to legal, finance, stress, or crisis/disaster.

Iowa Domestic Violence Hotline

(800) 942-0333


Immediate crisis counseling available for domestic abuse survivors and other affected by domestic violence. Provides information and education about domestic abuse issues, along with referrals for domestic violence projects in your area of the state.

Iowa Victim Service Call Center

(800) 770-1650


Confidential support for victims of crime or concerned loved ones. Culturally specific programs also available. Immediate crisis counseling available for domestic abuse survivors and other affected by domestic violence. Provides information and education about domestic abuse issues, along with referrals for domestic violence projects in your area of the state.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

(800) 273-8255


National suicide prevention network that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress at any time. Specific resource available for various groups (youth, disaster survivors, loss survivors, LGBTQ+, etc.)

Teen Help Line

(800) 443-8336


Personal teen-to-teen education and support before problems become a crisis.

Mental health services & facilities

Awareness Center

(319) 372-9370

5409 Ave. O, Suite 103
Ft. Madison, IA

Marriage, Family, Individual & Group Therapy.

Counseling Associates

(319) 524-0510

1522 Morgan St
Keokuk, IA 52632


Professional counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. Counseling Associates also provides Integrated Health Home (IHH) services in Lee County.

Hope Haven Development Center

(319) 754-4689

828 N. 7th Sreet
Burlington, IA 52601

Vocational, residential, community employment, and living services for individuals with mental illenss and developmental disabilities.

Opitmae Life services

Fort Madison:
(319) 372-3566

(319) 524-5106

509 Avenue F
Fort Madison, IA 52627

609 Blondeau, Suite 105
Keokuk, IA 52632


Serving individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities in Lee County through providing Community Services, Behavioral Health, Crisis Assessment Services, Behavioral Health Intervention Services, & Home Health programs.

REM-Iowa Community Services, Inc

(319) 524-8701

402 Main St.
Keokuk, IA 52632


Home and Community based services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Services include residential, dual diagnosis, specialized, and supported living.

Vocational Rehabilitation

(319) 753-2231

1000 N Roosevelt, Suite 7
Burlington, IA 52601


Assistance to persons with disabilities in job training, prosthetic devices, counseling, medical & psychological diagnosis & tools.


Child care, education, & Services

Childcar Resource & Referral

(319) 753-0193

2850 Mt. Pleasant Suite #108

Maintains a list of current licensed and registered child care providers and provides information on choosing quality child care.

Inertia Center

(319) 524-7146

1128 Fulton

Childcare/summer camp.

Big Brothers/Big Sister of the Great River Area

(319) 526-3944

629 Blondeau St, Suite 105


Mission is to serve children in the tri-state area through a professionally guided one-on-one relationship with a quality volunteer and to assist them in achieving their potential as they grow to become confident, competent, and caring individuals Serving youth 5-16 years of age.

Boys Scouts of America

(319) 470-5333


Provides boys 7-12 & young adults an effective program designed to build desirable qualities of character, training in responsibilities of participating citizenship, & to develop better physical fitness.

Great River Area Youth Mentoring


629 Blondeau St Suite 105; Keokuk, IA 52632


School and Community-based mentoring programs for youth from 2nd grade to 16 years old. 

Ft. Madison Family YMCA

(319) 372-2403

220 26th St
Ft. Madison, IA

Youth & Adult aquatics, adult fitness, youth activities, volleyball, little Tyke Tee Ball, Y Kids Co.


Great Prairie Area Education Agency

(319) 524-2682

629 Blodeau St., Suite 202
Keokuk, IA


Parenting classes are available throughout the year and are approximately 4-6 weeks.

Iowa Foster & Adoptive Parents Association 

(800) 277-8145


Resources, referrals, and peer support to foster, adoptive, and kinship families throughout Iowa. 

National Parent Helpline

(855) 427-2736


Helpline providing emotional support for parents from a trained advocate. (M-F 10:00am-7:00pm PST)

Parent's Support Group

(319) 372-2896

Lincoln Elementary School

Informal meeting from parents to express concerns, gain support and learn about resources to improve their parenting. Meets monthly during the school year.

Parents as Teachers- Community Action of Southeast Iowa


2850 Mt. Pleasant Suite 108; Burlington, IA 52601


In-home family support program for families with children prenatal to five years of age, utilizing personal home visits by a Certified Parent Educator, Developmental Screening, Group connection events, Resource Network, and Family Goal Setting. 

Parents as Teachers Program

(319) 372-4471

(319) 524-6383

Eichacker Community Action Center, Marie Tallarico Community Action Center

Education support program offered free of charge to all residents of Lee County who are expecting a baby or who have children under the age of six. Information on growth, development and parenting issues.

Young House Family Services


Burlington 724 North Third St 

Long-term in-home counseling program to strengthen and improve the family unit. 

Young Parent Support Group


Weekly support groups are held in Ft. Madison and Keokuk for any teen or young adult who is a parent or an expectant parent. 

Child & Family Law

Iowa Concern- Legal

(800) 447-1985


Legal education and assistance available 24/7 by phone or live chat, with an attorney available for legal questions by phone or email. All information provided to Iowa Concern is kept confidential.

Iowa Legal Aid

(641) 683-3166

52501 Southeast Regional Office, Ottumwa, IA


Legal information, advocacy, and legal representation.

Iowa Mediation Services

(641) 423-4322

1415 S Monroe
Mason City, IA 50401


Iowa Mediation Service offers a variety of family mediations and facilitations, whether for couples, parents, and children or across the generations. These can be one-time sessions for an hour or a series of meetings to deal with several issues and to gradually develop solutions that work for all.

Youth Law Center

(515) 244-1172

(800) 728-1172

300 Walnut Street, Suite 295
Des Moines, IA 50309


Free legal advice to youth across the state of Iowa. Providing youth, and professionals who work with youth, legal information pertaining to areas such as emancipation, abuse and neglect, sex abuse, family problems, school, traffic, homelessness, chemical dependency, delinquency, guardianship/custody and teen parenting issues. Monday-Friday 8:00a.m.-4: 30 p.m., with 24-hour answering service that takes messages.